About Me


I am interested in AGN unification and population studies of extra-galactic jets.  I am currently a postdoc at STScI, working on Hubble observations of resolved jets from AGN.  In collaboration with researchers at UMBC and Goddard, I am also researching the gamma-ray properties of jets with the Fermi gamma-ray telescope.  In recent work, we have found that the source of the X-rays in the large-scale relativistic jet of 3C 273 is synchrotron emission, bringing to a close a long-standing debate about the emission mechanism in these types of jets (Meyer & Georganopoulos, accepted for publication in In ApJL, http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.8421).

I am also currently working with the HST Proper Motions Team (HST-PROMO) at STScI on high-precision astrometry to measure the complete velocity field of relativistic jets in AGN.  Recent results on the optical jet in the nearby source M87 have been published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. See below a video from the August Press Release: